1st Annual International “African Women’s Solidarity & Appreciation” Day October 25th 2017

A Worldwide Gathering To Unify African Women throughout the Diaspora and To Implement The Global Strike To Bring Attention and (DIRECT ACTIONS) for the Fight Against ALL Forms of Violence, roulette, and Abuses of Females of African Descent regardless to nationality, social status, age and religion Throughout the Diaspora and for the further Building of the Global Africana Women’s Sistahood and the Independent Pan African Women’s Federation Wed. October 25th 2017

The Union of A Million (Plus) African Women etc. will soon be working together , worldwide, to help bring forward at least three (3) major Summits by the year 2020

The International “African Women’s World Leadership & Power” Summits
Featuring: Self-Determination & Human/Natural Rights Programs & Concerts
“Building Real African Woman Sisterhood, Honoring of Ancestors, and Uplifting/Empowering and Obtaining Justice for Our People”
For more information contact: The National Offices of MWM at:
Email: [email protected] or [email protected] or call: 267-636-3802

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2.5 Million
1997 Attendees
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Black Women Abuse and Incarceration
ALL Women of African Descent

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We are currently seeking the following coordinators and volunteers from:

Atlanta, GA

Seeking volunteer coordinators in Atlanta, GA and Regional areas.

London, England

Seeking Coordinators in the UK area.

Charlotte, NC

Seeking coordinators in Charlotte, Raleigh, Greensboro, NC areas


Seeking coordinators for Ghana, West Africa